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BBC Animals  --  Contains sections on birds, mammals, sea life, pets and conservation.

Information about birds from Environment for the Americas.

Borror Laboratory of Bioacoustics at Ohio State University-- over 34,000 recordings of over 1500 species of animals.

Desert Animals & Wildlife  --  Information, photographs and classifications of U.S. desert wildlife.

Macauley Library -- scientific archive of biodiversity audio (over 175,000) and video (over 50,000) recordings.


Architectural Studio 3D  --  Interactively design a house on a site sponsored by the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust.

Art History Network  --  Collects art history, archaeology and architecture resources.

Art History Resources on the Web  --  Links for web sites on everything from prehistoric to 21st Century art.

Artcyclopedia:  the Fine Arts Search Engine  --  Database of over 7,500 artists and their works.

Guggenheim Museum  --  Includes selections from the works of 169 artists in its collection.

Louvre  --  View selections from the museum's collections.

Metropolitan Museum of Art  --  View the many treasures from 5,000 years of art at the museum.

The Museum of Online Museums -- Meta-site containing links to hundreds of museums worldwide.

Museum Stuff -- Another meta-site containing links to thousands of museums worldwide.     

Biographies  --  Web site of A&E show, Biography, has information on over 25,000 individuals.

Academy of Achievement:  Gallery of Achievement  --  Profiles of individuals selected by the American Academy of Achievement.

Faces of Science:  African Americans in the Sciences  --  Biographies of famous African-American scientists.

National Portrait Gallery  --  Presents paintings of figures from American history. 

Nobel Prize Internet Archive  --  Information on the Nobel Prize and the winners. 



Ask Asia  --  Information on Asian countries and culture.

Atlapedia  --  Physical and political maps of the world with facts and statistics of countries.

Background Notes  --  From the US State Department information on selected countries of the world.  

Canadian Encyclopedia  --  Information on Canadian history and culture.  

CIA World Factbook--  Statistical information for countries including maps, flags, and facts. 

Country Studies/Area Handbooks  --  In-depth studies from Library of Congress and US Army. 

Earth Calendar  --  Search for international holidays by date, country or religion. 

Embassy World  --  Addresses of embassies and missions around the world.  --  Provides links to maps and geographical information..  

Human Rights Watch  --  Information and news stories on human rights issues around the world.

National Geographic -- information about current events, environmental concerns, countries, etc. 

Places in the News   --  Provides maps to accompany current event stories. (Part of LC's American Memory)

United Nations Cyberschoolbus  --  Provides information on the UN and its countries.   

World Weather Information Service  --  Provides worldwide weather forecasts and climatological information.



Economic Education Web: EcEdWeb -- Includes teaching materials, online lessons, and links to useful sites.

EconEdLink -- Source of  "economic lesson materials for K-12 teachers and their students."

It All Adds Up -- Lessons for teenagers on personal finance with teacher resources.

The Mint -- Web site for middle and high school on money and finance.

Planet Orange -- Interactive web site explores investment, saving, spending and currency.

Wise Pockets -- A personal finance site with sections for children and teachers.



CLIC-On-Health  --  Collects links to consumer health web sites and local medical resources.

Consumer Health Guide -- Comprehensive guide to consumer health resouces online. From University of California at Irvine.

Healthfinder  --  Provides information on a variety of health related subjects. Sponsored by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Medical Mysteries  --  Online game that challenges students to solve mysteries about infectious diseases.

MEDtropolis --  Health web site includes guided tours through the brain, skeleton, heart and digestive tract.

MedlinePlus --  Access to medical and health databases and resources from the National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health.

My Plate --  Official USDA web site includes nutrition information and interactive games.



FindLaw Home Page

Internet Library of Law and Court Decisions 

Jurist: Legal News and Research

Legal Information Institute Home Page

Supreme Court of the United States

WashLaw WEB:  Washburn University School Of Law Library



Author Yellow Pages  --  Searchable directory of author websites

Bartleby:  Great Books Online  --  Full text of all types of literature

Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature -- Search database of more than 3,500 records.

International Children's Digital Library -- Collects more than 10,000 books in at least 100 languages.

J. K. Rowling -- Author's web site is interactive and a model of accessibility.

Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet 
--  Information and links about Shakespeare, his life and times

On-Line Books Page  --  Full text of over 13,000 listings, accessible by author, title, or subject  

Poem Hunter -- Search for poems, lyrics, or quotations.

Project Gutenberg  --  Collects the text for a very wide range of electronic books  

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy  -- 
Online resource written and maintained by experts in their fields.


Math -- Presents a variety of standard and scientific online calculators

Coolmath4kids -- Collection of math games

Count On -- British site of interactive math games and activities

Cut the knot -- Interactive math games and puzzles

Figure This -- Math problems designed to be solved as family activities

Webmath -- Helps solve specific math problems.

Multi-topic Sites

Awesome Library for Teens   --  Links to school subjects and activities suitable for teenagers.  

EncyloZine  --  Science, technology, arts & humanities.  

Homework Spot  --  Links to sites on a wide range of subjects divided by grade level.

Internet Public Library -- Recommended resources on a variety of subjects.

Khan Academy -- Free tutorial videos and exercises on a variety of subjects.

The Museum of Online Museums -- Meta-site containing links to hundreds of museums worldwide.

Museum Stuff -- Another meta-site containing links to thousands of museums worldwide.   

Thinkfinity  Free lesson plans and educational resources  


African Music Encyclopedia  --  Information on African musicians, links to country information  

All Music Guide -- Biographies and CD reviews for musicians and composers in styles ranging from rock to classical.

River of Song -- Companion web site to Smithsonian television series about contemporary music along the Mississippi River.

News Services
(Most news services provide free current information.  However, some charge for archived or premium articles.)

ABC News

Buffalo News 

Business Week Online

CBS News

Christian Science Monitor


CNET  -- Computer and technology news.

The Economist
  -- British newspaper.

Fox News

Globe and Mail -- Canadian newspaper.

Google News 

The Guardian (British newspaper)

Houston Chronicle

Independent -- British newspaper.


National Public Radio

Online Newspapers -- Links to thousands of online newspapers around the world.

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 

Sports Illustrated


Today's Front Page -- From Newseum, an interactive news museum in Washington, D. C. The front pages of more than 800 newspapers from around the world. -- Organizes news from around the country by topic and location. Livonia, NY news.

USA Today

The Wall Street Journal Online

Yahoo! News


Presidents of the USA -- Collects links to sources of Presidential information.

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents  --  Weekly documents plus archives since 1993

White House -- Information on current and past Presidents.


Primary Sources -- American History

African-American History: Digital Library  --  Links to document sources focusing on African-American history.

American Civil War Homepage -- General resources plus documents on individual battles & regiments by state.

American Memory -- Extensive resources from the Library of Congress on all aspects of the history of the US.

America's Story from America's Library (Library of Congress) -- History resources presented for kids.

Avalon Project (Yale Law School) -- Documents in Law, History, and Diplomacy; from ancient times through the 21st century.

Bay of Pigs Document Excerpts --  Portions of the Taylor Commission that investigated the Bay of Pigs.

Been Here So Long Online Resources  (New Deal Network) -- Slave narratives collected 1936-1938.

Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation (Library of Congress) -- US Congressional Documents and Debates, 1174-1873.

Chronology of US Historical Documents  (Univ. of Oklahoma)  --  Documents including inaugural addresses from pre-colonial times to the present

Civil War Women:  Primary Sources on the Internet -- Diaries and other documents depicting the Civil War from a woman's perspective.

Commission on Presidential Debates   --  Includes transcripts of selected Presidential debates.

Costumer's Manifesto -- Illustrations from paintings, statues, advertisements, catalogs, photos, accessible by civilization, historical era, century and decade.

Debates in the Federal Convention  --  Transcripts of the debates and discussions at the Federal Convention of 1787.

Documenting the American South  --  Covers Southern history and culture from the colonial period through the first decades of the 20th century.

Douglass: Archives of American Public Address (Northwestern Univ.) -- Archive of American oratory and related documents searchable by speaker, title, issue, and chronologically.

FindLaw  --  Case law including US Supreme Court decisions.

Founding Documents  (Constitution Society)  --  Links to Constitutional documents as well as links to other sites pertaining to constitutional government including the papers of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

From Revolution to Reconstruction (A Hypertext on American History (University of Groningen, Netherlands)  --  US documents from before 1400 through 1900 including Presidential speeches and writings--biographical information is a secondary resource.

Guide to Uncovering Women's History in Archival Collections  (Univ. of Texas--San Antonio)  --  Links to repositories of primary source documents by state.  Minimal primary sources online.

Hamilton College Library Digital Collections   --  Civil War materials, including letters, journals and enlistment papers, mostly from the 117th Volunteer Infantry Regiment from Oneida County, N.Y.

Hargrett Library Rare Map Collection  (Univ. of Georgia)  --  Rare maps from New World times through the 1930s with an emphasis on the South.  Includes maps from the Civil War period.

History Channel--Speeches --  Speeches by individuals from the US and the world on wide range of topics including politics & government, science & technology and arts & entertainment.

Images of American Political History  --  Collection of public domain images of American political history, including maps.

In the First Person  --  "Index to letters, diaries, oral histories and personal narratives."

Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States  --  Inaugural addresses from George Washington to George W. Bush.

Indian Affairs:  Laws and Treaties  (Oklahoma State Univ.)  --  Text of various laws and treaties compiled by Charles Kappler.

KODAK Taken On The Road-American Mile Markers  --  Collection of photographs taken every mile from the Statue of Liberty to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Language of the Land -- Journeys Into Literary America  (Library of Congress)  --  Literary heritage through photographs, maps, text; arranged by geographic area: Northeast, South, Midwest, West.

Legal Information Institute (LII)  (Cornell Univ.)  --  Case law from all levels of government including the US Supreme Court.

Letters Home from an Iowa Soldier in the American Civil War  --  Collection of letters written by a Union soldier describing his experiences in Mississippi, Missouri, Iowa, and Arkansas, 1862-1865. 

Lewis and Clark  (PBS)  --  Includes primary and secondary sources from the PBS special, Lewis and Clark.

Lincoln/Net  (Northern Illinois University)  --  Includes a wide range of materials about Abraham Lincoln, including his writings and speeches.

Making of America  (Univ. of Michigan) -- Digitized primary sources in American social history, antebellum through reconstruction.

National Archives and Records Administration -- Digitized documents from the National Archives including text, pictures, maps & charts, and audio clips.

New York State Archives--Rediscovering New York:  History & Culture  --  Links to primary source materials online, housed throughout New York and links to repositories.  Also includes links to archival, curriculum and history resources for teachers.

NYPL Digital Gallery  --  Access to images from primary sources and printed rarities in the New York Public Library.

Online Archival Collections--Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture  (Duke Univ.)  --  Online collections on Women's Liberation Movement, African-American Women, Civil War Women plus links to additional women's archives on the Internet including PBS site, "Not for Ourselves Alone: The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony"

Orphan Trains of Kansas  --  Newspaper accounts and graphics regarding the orphan trains to Kansas, 1867-1930.

Rochester Images  (Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County, NY)  --  Postcards, photographs, etc. of life and buildings in the Rochester and Monroe County area.

Temperance & Prohibition (Ohio State History Dept.)   --  Documents with introductions relating to the Prohibition movement.

Truman Presidential Library  --  Life and times of Harry S. Truman through documents and links.

Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities in the American Civil War  (Univ. of Virginia)  --  Two communities across a valley but on different sides during the Civil War.

Virtual Jamestown  --  Combines documents from the early history of Jamestown with interactive web technology.

We Shall Overcome:  Historic Places of the Civil Rights Movement  --  Pictures, addresses, and background information about forty-one properties where civil rights activities took place.

Western New York Suffragists:  Winning the Vote -- Information on suffragists from Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Wayne, and Wyoming counties.

World of Early America:  Archiving Early America  --  Newspapers, maps, magazines, and writings of Early America.

World War I:  Digital Library  --  Links to documents focusing on World War I.

World War I:  Trenches on the Web  --  Descriptions, biographies, photos, and maps of the Great War including some primary source documents.

World War II:  Digital Library  --  Links to documents focusing on World War II including the atomic bomb and the Holocaust.


Primary Sources  -- World History

EuroDocs  (Brigham Young Univ.)  --  Documents from the countries of Western Europe, as well as Medieval and Renaissance texts and Europe as a Supernational Region.

Exploring Ancient World Cultures  (Univ. of Evansville)  --  Chronology and essays on ancient cultures including relevant primary source documents.

House of Commons Debates--Hansard  --  House of Commons daily debates.

Links to World History Document Sources  --  Provides links to a variety of world history resources.

Survivors of the Shoah  --  Collects video testimonies of survivors of the Holocaust.



Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn -- Official site for NASA's mission to Saturn with impressive images and lesson plans.

Conservation Central -- Site from the National Zoo explores conservation topics through interactive lessons.

Earth Science Information Center -- Resources from the U.S. Geological Survey. -- Provides information on a wide range of plants and animals.

Exploratorium -- Interactive web site from the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco.

Extreme Science -- The Science behind things that are "biggest, baddest, and best in the world of extremes".

eSkeletons Project -- Interactive human & baboon skeletons and comparative anatomy. 

Invention Dimension -- Provides lively information and activities on inventors and their inventions. 

J-Track Satellite Tracking -- Enables you to track the location of orbiting satellites and spacecraft in real time.

Miracle of Fall -- Collection of links about all aspects of autumn and fall foliage from the University of Illinois Extension.

Ocean World -- Provides information and resources on many aspects of oceanography. 

Packetville -- Interactive games encourage students' interest in science and information technology. 

Periodic Table of the Elements -- Interactive table presented by Los Alamos National Laboratories. 

SciCentral  --  Gateway to scientific research news. Suitable for high school students.

Science Fair Central  -- 
Comprehensive guide to creating science fair projects.

Science Net  --  Links to science resources from Toronto Public Library.

ScienceDaily Magazine -- Latest news on scientific research. -- Gateway to science information provided by U.S. Government agencies, including research results. -- Provides instructions on how to develop a science fair project.

T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project
-- Describes scientific experiments performed on cream-filled snack cakes.

The Why? Files -- Provides the scientific background to current news stories.


Social Studies

America's Story from America's Library  --  History from the Library of Congress for Kids.  

Biography of America  --  Designed as to supplement Annenberg/CPB's television & video series, site contains additional information, maps, transcript and links related to each segment.

Congress for Kids  --   Interactive tour of the U.S. Congress for students in grades 4-12. 

Encyclopedia Smithsonian The Smithsonian from A to Z  --  Information from the vast collections at the Smithsonian Institution.

Eyewitness to History  --  Print, audio, photos of world history.  

Govspot  --  Links to information and news from all levels of the Federal government and each state.  Includes world affairs, money, politics, social services, science, travel.  

Hargrett Library (University of Georgia)  --  Manuscripts and rare maps arranged by period of US history.  

History Matters  (George Mason University)  --  US History links and primary sources.  

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity  --  Detailed site on the French Revolution includes many primary source materials.  

Life in Ancient Egypt -- from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Project Vote Smart  --  Provides information on elected officials. Can search by zip code to locate your state and federal representatives. 

World Rulers-- Kings Presidents Prime Ministers of the World  --  Leaders by country and links to web sites about each country in the world.

WW2 People's War  --  BBC site collects eyewitness stories of World War II.

States -- Information in areas such as state songs, sport teams, and political systems.

National Atlas of the United States
-- Interactive and multimedia maps.

Postcards From America -- Teaches American geography through postcards -- Collects state news and discusses how various political issues affect the states.

US Census Bureau State and County QuickFacts -- Provides population and social statistics.

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